[mythtv-users] Unable to change settings with Xv controls

Salman Ashraf salmanash at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 4 20:21:54 UTC 2006


I'm relatively new to mythtv. I've setup 0.20 on
x86-64 FC6 and I love it. I've got a PVR250 and a
Geforce FX 5200 video card. I'm not very satisfied
with the Live TV picture I'm getting. Both the PVR250
and video card are connected via svideo. The picture I
get on live TV is a little darker than what I get
through my regular TV output. I have a satellite box
connected directly to the TV as well as to the PVR250
so I can compare. The colors are a little washed out,
too. When I enable Xv controls, I can bring up the
settings on the OSD for color, brightness, etc. They
start out at 50%.  But when I try changing any setting
from the remote or even a keyboard, the setting clears
and it shows -1. Nothing else I do changes it from -1.
I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem and
if there's something I can do to fix it. I followed
Jarod's excellent doc to setup mythtv. Thanks.


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