[mythtv-users] Slow, slow, slow transcode

Pete Cap peteoutside at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 4 14:53:49 UTC 2006

What transcode setting where you trying to achieve?  When I run 
pdatranscode on an hour long show it takes about 15 minutes.  I shrink
it down to 320x240 300K bitrate which comes out to about 150M.  This
is on an AMD 1700 with 500M ram.  I'm using mencoder's lavc codec
(mpeg4) with pdatranscode.


Well, I start up "nuvexport --transcode" and select DivX...and then I just use the default options.  I think I remember someone saying mencoder was faster by far than transcoder while still retaining quality.

I still do not know why the myth cutlist is not being honored.


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