[mythtv-users] Recording from a video camera

David Fishburn fishburn at ianywhere.com
Mon Dec 4 13:51:31 UTC 2006

I have this all working now outside of Myth using ivtv 0.8.1 and v4l2-ctl
instead of ivtvctl.  If anyone else is looking for some basic steps here
they are:

v4l2-ctl --device=0 --set-standard=0x003000
v4l2-ctl --device=0 --set-input=2
	Video input set to 2 (Composite 1)

dd if=/dev/video0 of=/tmp/myvideo.mpg
	CTRL-C to stop recording

# Make sure you set the input back to 0 when done!!!!
v4l2-ctl --device=0 --set-input=0

I copied the file to my mythtv video directory, but now I have to figure out
how to build the seek table and be able to edit the file and remove breaks
and eventually transacode it to use a lot less than 1.8 G.

> Regarding your predicament, you may find it easier to use 
> MythTV itself for video camera capturing - there is a current 
> thread detailing this - which tends to make things very 
> simple once MythTV is made aware of the video camera, and 
> avoid having to use the command line for captures.

Yes, I have found some good links describing this process.  It would be nice
be able to watch this live.  But as the thread suggests, Myth isn't meant to
be used like this since most people wouldn't know how long the recording
will be ahead of time.

This was a good thread:

I will try it out later, this was more urgent at the time.


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