[mythtv-users] FX 5600 vs Geforce 6200

Richard Woelk richardwoelk at yahoo.ca
Sun Dec 3 20:46:31 UTC 2006

nik gibson wrote:
> I have two nvidia cards:
> GeForce 6200 with 128Mb of RAM
> GEForce 5600 FX with 256Mb or RAM
> Which one would be the best card to use for HDTV video capture?  Would
> mythtv benefit from the 256Mb on the 5600 and is there any difference
> in HDTV video quality with either card?  I'm not planning on using
> XvMC so the fact that the 5600 has the greyosd hack available isn't
> really playing into my decision.
> Sorry if this is a dumb question, I'm just finalizing the specs for a
> new HDTV myth box I'm building.
> Thanks_
    I'm running mythtv on an Athlon 64 3200+ with a geforce fx 5200 it 
plays back hdtv fine without xvmc over a dvi to hdmi adapter to my tv. I 
did use a geforce 6200 once and the only difference, is that I was able 
to see the bios & console screens on the tv.
With the fx 5200, my tv shows the equivalent of 'invalid mode' until 
Xorg loads.


Richard Woelk

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