[mythtv-users] Audio CDs -- disabling cddb look up in KDE?

Nick Morrott knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Sun Dec 3 19:17:40 UTC 2006

On 02/12/06, jim scott <jimdscott at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm running FC5, Myth 0.20 and KDE 3.5. When I play an audio CD in
> MythMusic, it looks like both Myth and kde do a cddb search. That's fine
> unless I try to play something that's not in the cddb database. MythMusic
> just plays the CD, but kde pops up an error message telling me that the CD
> wasn't found in the database. Does anyone know how to disable cddb look up
> in KDE or at least suppress the dialog box?

Have you tried disabling Automatic Preview for the KDE audiocd:/
service (load Konqueror, choose service on the sidebar)?

Also, do you have any media monitors running that are checking mounted
audio CDs as soon as you insert them?


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