[mythtv-users] Preview window not displaying

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Sun Dec 3 18:03:33 UTC 2006

* On Sun Dec 03, 2006 at 10:29:59AM -0600, Allan Wilson wrote:
> >It's trying to open the file remotely, but the pathname indicates that it
> >is local.  Is there a /mnt/videob/tv/ directory that contains your
> >recordings?  What version of MythTV are you running?
> That is the directory on my backend where the recordings are store. I am
> using the SVN from  Friday and storage groups. I am using nfs but I am am
> only sharing my movies, music, and pictures directories. Should Myth stream
> this or do you have to share it with nfs?

It should be able to stream it since it should be using GetPlaybackURL.

Can you edit programs/mythfrontend/playbackbox.cpp and find the
PlaybackBox::startPlayer() function and search for the following lines:

        if (rec->pathname.left(1) != "/")
            rec->pathname = rec->GetPlaybackURL(true);
        previewVideoRingBuf = new RingBuffer(rec->pathname, false, false, 1);
        if (!previewVideoRingBuf->IsOpen())

Comment out the 'if (rec->pathname.left(1) != "/")' line and see if that
fixes the issue.  If it doesn't, then can you send me (directly, not via the
list) the logs from your frontend and backend when you run the following
and can reproduce the error.

mythfrontend -v file > mythfrontend.log 2>&1

mythbackend -v file,schedule > mythbackend.log 2>&1

I think should help me see what is going on if the above commented line
didn't fix the issue.


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