[mythtv-users] PVR-500 metal caps

Jerome Yuzyk jerome at supernet.ab.ca
Sun Dec 3 01:58:51 UTC 2006

On Saturday 02 December 2006 18:53, Justin Luitjens wrote:
> Hi,
> Recently i read a message that referenced removing the metal caps from
> the PVR-500 to improve video quality.  What does removing the metal caps
> accomplish exactly and how would I go about removing these caps?  I'm
> wondering if it would help reduce the scrolling diagonal lines i'm
> seeing on some channels.
> Thanks,
> Justin

It can help some channels, and hurt others. It made a difference for me. 
They're friction-fit, with a small dab of hotglue on the underside. Just 
gently lift around the edge and the cap will come off, and gently pull it 
away from the hotglue.

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