[mythtv-users] An option for watching tv

Meatwad meatwad.get.the.honeys at gmail.com
Sat Dec 2 20:39:33 UTC 2006

devsk wrote:

> Please read my original email that started this thread. I knew all the 
> options I had. I had read the faq. I clearly mentioned what my 
> requirements were. I wanted to know if it was something worth discussing 
> and worth investing time to do in mythtv. Of course, I can buy another 
> disk. Of course, I can run mplayer (with bad sound and no program guide 
> or remote or OSD, but what the hell). Of course, I can get another 
> capture card. But why in the world a software program hangs if it runs 
> out of space, when it doesn't need to? Its design forces it to hang when 
> it doesn't need to. So, my contention was by design it SHOULD be allowed 
> to run, OPTIONALLY at least.

Has it occurred to you that you are attempting to use a tool (Myth) in a 
manner in which it was *never* designed to be used (by the devs and 
patch submitters)?

Just this morning (and I am being complete serious) I had needed my 
screwdriver which is insulated for up to 1000 volts when working on live 
circuits. Rather than run back out to the truck, I *knowingly took the 
risk* of using a non-insulated screwdriver. Shortly into the procedure, 
the tool bridged the 120VAC 60Hz circuit I was working on directly to 
earth ground. The results were a loud bang, a bright light, a shower of 
hot sparks, copious amounts of laughter and ridicule from my co-worker, 
a damaged electrical control, a completely ruined screwdriver, and a 
dent in my ego.

The cost to me in order to save trudging four flights of stairs at about 
three minutes round-trip? Thirty minutes to install a new control which 
will be $80 out of my pocket, a molten $30 screwdriver (it wasn't your 
average screwdriver), and having to live with the story being repeated 
to my other co-workers throughout next week.

devsk, I believe you may wish to reconsider your position and accept the 
dent to the ego.


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