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Robin Hill myth at robinhill.me.uk
Sat Dec 2 13:12:46 UTC 2006

On Mon Nov 27, 2006 at 10:11:05PM +0100, wouter lists wrote:

> Hi,
> I have connected my TV with a scart2vga cable to my PC. My PC has a Radeon X300.
> I'm using a custom modeline 1024x576, which generates a PAL widescreen signal.
> After spending quite some hours on the mailing list, I have the
> feeling that you get the best image when using XVMC.
> Everybody knows that the drivers for ATI (fglrx or radeon) doesn't
> support XVMC. So I'm thinking of switching to a Nvidia card.
> Are there people using a scart2vga cable with a Nvidia card? What are
> the results?
> I have a pcie slot and it needs to run the following modeline:
> ModeLine "1024x576" 19.875 1024 1092 1140 1272 576 581 586 625 +hsync +v
> sync interlace composite
> It needs to sent out an interlaced and composite signal.
> I would like to hear about some success stories before I go out to buy
> a card ;-)
My understanding is that Nvidia cards won't do composite sync, so you
need a more complicated vga2scart cable which includes the sync
compositing circuitry.

I'm also not sure you'll get a "better" picture with XvMC - it's just
offloading some of the processing to the card rather than doing on the
CPU.  This shouldn't affect picture quality at all.  Where the Nvidia
cards do seem to offer better quality is with the vertical sync - the
opengl vsync seems to provide a more accurate method than the radeon
drivers do, so there should be less tearing.

I'm using a radeon card with vga2scart myself though, so I've no real
experience with the Nvidia cards - I do know they don't work with a
basic vga2scart cable though, as I did try one once.

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