[mythtv-users] Different frontends with different Resolutions

Ki Mun ki.d.mun at gmail.com
Sat Dec 2 09:57:20 UTC 2006

Hmm maybe I am missing a step somewhere.

On each Mythfrontend box I go to Utilities / Setup --> Setup ---> Media
Settings ---> Video ---> Settings ---> File Types

I then select the appropriate extension and for the command I use a custom
mplayer setting.
The mythfrontend that uses a 24" Widescreen LCD, I place a "-aspect 4:3" in
the command, while the mythfrontend using a standard 19" LCD screen I leave
out the "-aspect 4:3" part. Depending on which mythfrontend is closed last
or setting is save last, upon next re-launch both of the frontends will have
the same settings (both boxes has "-aspect 4:3" or both boxes does not). I
am new to MythTV so I thought it was supposed to be like that, but after
reading your reply I tried using different Themes on each Mythfrontend and
that works correctly (seperately). Am I missing something to setup different
commands for file extensions on the frontends?
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