[mythtv-users] An option for watching tv

Tommy E Craddock Jr sigtom at sigtom.com
Sat Dec 2 08:11:58 UTC 2006

devsk wrote:
> > I'm happy to help anyone I can, but it's not my job.
> I am not asking everyone to reply and help: only those who can and 
> want to. Why is it frustrating to you? You don't need to read it. You 
> don't need to reply to it. Replying with messages which take cheap 
> shots at other's wives or intelligence is not required. Its not your 
> job. Please don't do it. It doesn't help anyone.
> I would prefer nobody replies to noobs with junk like RTFM or 
> something that derides them (cheap and ignorant are the words that I 
> have been referred as). If they don't find a response to their queries 
> here, they sooner than later will find it in some corner of the net. 
> It is much better than wasting everybody's time and mailing list 
> bandwidth.
> -devsk

Im commenting in particular to you comment about wasting bandwidth....if 
you had done a thorough search of all docs avail from the Mythtv.org 
website, youd have seen that this has happened in the past (this being 
your specific 'feature request'), and by 'requesting' this 'feature' 
again, you were shooting yourself in the foot, as it is already on the 
wish list page, and no one has taken the time to code it yet since its 
been added to the Wiki, much less it hasnt been worked on since it was 
first asked on this list, which you wouldve found out if you had 
searched and searched the gossamer threads archives, then this whole 
discussion wouldnt have taken up any bandwidth, at least not a 1/10th.


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