[mythtv-users] An option for watching tv

Brad DerManouelian myth at dermanouelian.com
Fri Dec 1 22:41:53 UTC 2006

On Dec 1, 2006, at 2:23 PM, Jeff Wormsley wrote:

> If that were a joke, then I didn't catch it.  Perhaps because it was
> pointed at *my* wife (or at me, via my wife, at any rate) as  
> opposed to
> someone else's, and thus I was a little more sensitive.  "You're Mama"
> jokes are funny too, unless someone is really talking about your  
> mother,
> if you know what I mean.

Recently someone asked how to get analog out working at the same time  
they have digital out working. I asked why they would need both if  
digital is working and he explained that his cat gets freaked out  
when the amp is on, so I suggested replacing the cat to see if that  
solves his problem. If you seriously thought I was suggesting you get  
rid of your wife to solve your mythtv problem, then you REALLY need  
to lighten up.

> I guess the main point is, far too often people on this list don't
> realize that just because something is no problem for them, that it
> isn't a problem for someone else.  Oh, you'll get the "while I'm  
> sure it
> is a problem for some" but then they'll continue on talking down to
> whoever brought it up like they were some sort of ignorant feeble  
> minded
> scum.  Someone brought up the point that it is always a new user that
> brings this up.  I've been using MythTV off and on for almost 2 years.
> But I'd bet that the reason you only see new users bringing this up
> isn't that they eventually change their ways and quit watching LiveTV,
> but instead they just quit using MythTV altogether.  Now, I'm sure  
> some
> people might think getting rid of the trouble makers is a good  
> idea, but
> in general if you want a better piece of software, you'd best not  
> throw
> away any of the negative reports.

Complaining about it is fine. Complaining about it over and over  
again is fine - as long as when you're asked to do so, you check back  
at the other complaints, see that it led to suggestions that no one  
acted upon and act upon one of them. Complaining over and over again  
without acting on previous suggestions is wasting time.

> Personally, I don't mind the channel changes.  My wife is the one that
> hates it.  What bothers me instead, and makes me reply yet again  
> when I
> know it is pointless, is how mad the condescending attitude of so many
> people here makes me.  People wonder why there is such a problem with
> getting Linux on the desktop?  The problem is exactly what you see in
> this mailing list.  The support is by other users, and too many other
> users have exactly this sort of poor attitude to the new guys or even
> the experienced ones who have questions, and they drive people away.
> Microsoft might ignore you, but they don't call you an idiot to  
> your face.

You pay Microsoft a lot of money to listen to your complaints.  
Commercial companies HAVE to cater to the needs of everyone who has  
bought that support contract along with the software. They will not  
ignore you or call you an idiot because you help provide them with a  

> Perhaps, if you feel someone is asking for something stupid, or
> something that has been asked for a million times, you'd be better off
> pointing them to a FAQ or Wiki entry about it, and not saying another
> word.  It comes of better than telling them they are idiots, or  
> implying
> it, or that they are cheapskates, or whatever.  Do I think it will  
> ever
> happen?  Nah, people are people, and someone will always say something
> smart-aleck, and someone like me will always take offense to that, and
> here we go again.  But it is a nice place to visit in my dreams.

Previous threads on this subject have been pointed out over and over  
again. 10 seconds of my searching in the wiki reveals this:
No one is ignoring this issue. They've acknowledge it as a feature  
request and will get to it "some day". I'm sorry it's not soon enough.

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