[mythtv-users] Completely new install suggestions (Ubuntu 6.1 or MythDora 3.0)

Jon Boehm jbpub at comcast.net
Fri Dec 1 21:55:26 UTC 2006


I've been lurking around the list for ~6 months and finally made my hardware
purchases.  I'm looking to start my build this weekend.  The box will be
using Gigabyte motherboard with the new 965P chip set.  I'll be running a P4
3.2Ghz CPU.

Anyway, this box will be a dedicated F/B Myth box, but eventually I'm
infested in running a variety of other servers on it (Misterhouse, mail,
Apache, daapd, rsync, etc.).  I'm struggling between using Ubuntu 6.1 server
or MythDora 3.0.  MythDora seem very easy but I'm a little worried that in
the long run I might be better off using Ubuntu.  Ubuntu has a good how-to
here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV. I'm also wondering if
MythDora might have some services stripped out of it that I might need later
when I add the other server apps. Also, I might miss out on learning that I
would gain from a more manual install using the Ubuntu how-to.

I'm not interested in getting into a religious debate but would be
interested in practical thoughts from the Myth community.


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