[mythtv-users] Mythweb changes from SVN 12158 Problems

Matt Rude mythtv at mattrude.com
Fri Dec 1 20:08:32 UTC 2006

Chris Petersen wrote:
> Matt Rude wrote:
>> Is the mod_rewrite line new? my mythweb was working fine with the 
>> .htaccess file.
> Nope, I just copied/pasted from .htaccess into the .conf file.  I
> figured that since so many people were having to create a .conf file to
> turn on AllowOverride, anyway, I might as well just have a single config
> file instead of a conf and .htaccess.   It also allowed me to turn on
> stuff like mod_deflate to make page loads go faster.
> The .htaccess stuff should still work fine if you want to restore your
> old one, though I'm curious if it will help your situation.  Your error
> theoretically shouldn't be happening if all you did was replace
> .htaccess with the conf settings (which I tested pretty thoroughly
> before I committed the changes).
> -Chris

I restored the .htaccess file from a backup and it works fine now.
So it must just be something dumb on my system.
The only odd thing I'm doing with apache that I can think of is 
"VirtualHosts" ie. I have 3 sites/domain-names running off the same system.


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