[mythtv-users] An option for watching tv

Brad DerManouelian myth at dermanouelian.com
Fri Dec 1 19:31:18 UTC 2006

On Dec 1, 2006, at 11:23 AM, Jens Peter Vilstrup wrote:

> No laugh here. It would be nice to follow up statements like that
> with a smiley or similar since the written medium is unfortunately
> not always as permeable to humour as spoken word.
> Yes, I see the fun in it, it just didn't seem fun as I read it,
> probably because I understand Jeff's predicament.
> On that note, maybe someone should set up a pool to take donations to
> fix that specific issue?
> Worst case it's a bother to repay ppl their money because there's not
> enough funds (or donate to some charity).

Money won't help - unless that donation for fixing the problem comes  
with a machine exhibiting the issue. Devs can't reproduce the issue  
to the extent that some people are experiencing it. Some have claimed  
10 seconds or even greater to change channels. Devs indicate they  
have "normal" channel change times of 3-4 seconds which has been  
deemed reasonable for the LiveTV feature. I just timed mine.. with a  
DirecTV STB on my combined frontend/backend (overkill box) it takes  
3-4 seconds. On my MacBook Pro (running the Universal Binary  
frontend) over wireless or Gigabit, it takes 4 seconds. On my  
daughter's iMac G5 (also running the Universal Binary) over wireless,  
it takes up to 7 seconds.

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