[mythtv-users] An option for watching tv

Brad DerManouelian myth at dermanouelian.com
Fri Dec 1 18:31:44 UTC 2006

On Dec 1, 2006, at 10:03 AM, Mudit Wahal wrote:

> Right now the first line on the mythtv (http://www.mythtv.org) page  
> says.
> -------------
> MythTV is a homebrew PVR project that I've been working on in my  
> spare time. It's been under heavy development for almost four  
> years, and is now quite useable and featureful.
> -------------
> I guess a disclaimer should be added after this line, "By the  
> Coders, For the Coders ! Don't know how to code or debug ? Don't  
> bother bitching about it !"
> That should really cut down 90% of the liveTV and other complaints/ 
> requests. Because as I see, any requests asked by the end user  
> which conflicts with the devs, eventually ends in up in "send me  
> your patch !". If I was not an actual coder, I'd think the devs are  
> asking for a Nicotine patch or something !
> Its a wonderful piece of software, no doubt about it. I've been  
> using it for 1 1/2 yr and extremely happy. The backend is rock  
> solid and it never crashes/leaks/etcetc. But I never see any  
> liveTV, actually, I never see the mythfrontend at all :-). I only  
> use mythweb for all my scheduling etc. So, I've no issues with the  
> livetv :-)

"homebrew...in my spare time" pretty much says, "I do this in my  
spare time to suit my own needs. If you'd like to use it too, great!"  
"quite usable and featureful" says to me, "Lots of people use it and  
there are a lot of features." which is true. It doesn't say it's the  
end-all-be-all of PVR software that meets everyone's needs. You need  
to pay a lot of money for that kind of marketing. :)

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