[mythtv-users] An option for watching tv

devsk funtoos at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 1 17:40:05 UTC 2006

>  the simple fact that the OP is being completely
> irrational and blatently rude; 

I was rude only to one person in this thread, who with his elitist attitude, "apologized" to all the noobs in the world who won't RTFM. His email before that (which talked about 6 capture cards, while me-poor have only one) was the one flagged rude by another poster and Marvin was replying to that. So, please don't portray me as being rude. If you take that one email  from me out, I didn't say anything rude to anyone. But, here is the unconditional apology to Marvin. I told you to shut up, I am sorry about that.

Please read my original email that started this thread. I knew all the options I had. I had read the faq. I clearly mentioned what my requirements were. I wanted to know if it was something worth discussing and worth investing time to do in mythtv. Of course, I can buy another disk. Of course, I can run mplayer (with bad sound and no program guide or remote or OSD, but what the hell). Of course, I can get another capture card. But why in the world a software program hangs if it runs out of space, when it doesn't need to? Its design forces it to hang when it doesn't need to. So, my contention was by design it SHOULD be allowed to run, OPTIONALLY at least.

But, from the way people pounced on me, it seems like I am the only one who wants this feature on this list.


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