[mythtv-users] German umlauts are not displayed correctly

me at blaue0.net me at blaue0.net
Fri Dec 1 09:11:16 UTC 2006


I'm currently building my first MythTV environment. Everything works  
quite good except the EPG: I'm living in Switzerland and our TV  
program often has characters like  in it. Those characters are not  
displayed correctly on the frontend.

I have the following configuration:
- Database is MySQL 4.1.x with latin1_swedish_ci (the standard) charset
- My self-written grabber outputs data as ISO-8859-1 like the TVToday  
Grabber does
- The frontend runs with the de_CH.utf8 locale

I tried to convert the database to UTF8, make the grabber output UTF8  
or run the frontend with de_CH (ISO-8859-1) locale. But nothing works,  
I still have two squares for each umlaut in the EPG.

The umlauts are, however, displayed correctly in PHPMyAdmin (UTF8  
connection) and Mythweb.

Can anyone give some advice?

// Christian

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