[mythtv-users] QAM channels through my TV (but not my tuner)

ICMan icman at eol.ca
Fri Dec 1 02:40:46 UTC 2006

R. G. Newbury wrote:
> Tom Lichti wrote:
>> ICMan wrote:
>>> was really high for every channel.  I think this might be because I am 
>>> in Toronto, and Rogers encrypts all its QAM channels, even for regular 
>>> digital cable.  (CRTC sucks!)
>> Not strictly true. Most of them are encrypted, but I can tune in about 
>> 40 or so of the time shifted 'regional' (CBC, Global, City, CTV, etc 
>> from the East and West coast) channels through QAM. It does help with 
>> scheduling as many shows are repeated at numerous different times than 
>> EST primetime.
>> Tom
> We need to be semantically correct here. Rogers broadcasts 72 analalog 
> channels and about 424 digital feeds on the cable setup. About 30 of the 
>   digital feeds are Qam256 encoded digital streams. These are not 
> encrypted. We can get them by parsing the frequency and the serviceid 
> (pid). About 60 more feeds are QAM256 encoded audio only feeds. If you 
> tune with azap and play the feed with mplayer you get quite good stereo 
> (of course). The rest are encrypted feeds for which you need an STB.
> And yes there are about 5 each of CBC, Global, CTV and City TV spread 
> across the country, so that you can grab the 'ear;y show' from Halifax 
> or the 'late show' broadcastfrom Victoria  of the same show. Especially 
> useful on CTV which partners with ABC. (Can't remember when I last 
> recorded something from CBC.)
> Geoff
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Hi Geoff.

Can I pick your brain?  I would like to find the 30 QAM digital TV 
feeds, AND the 60 QAM audio streams, and I would like to manage them 
through MythTV as a single interface (I will soon have lirc working, 
then the box is going beside the TV).  Do you live in Toronto?  Can I 
pay you in beer?  ;-)


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