[mythtv-users] Skystar2 DVBS

Ron mythtv-users at doobedoobedo.org
Thu Aug 31 19:52:00 UTC 2006

> I have memory leak problem. I have tried two different machines which
> backend and frontend is runing on.
> I have tried two different distros, Slackware 10.1 with the
> kernel and Suse 10.1.
> I have tried different versions of mythtv from 0.19-fixes branch at
> svn.mythtv.org. 

I have a similar problem with a DVB-T USB stick. I also have a PVR 150 which 
doesn't give any problems.

When playing a recording from a DVB channel I can ssh into my mythbox and 
watch the memory used by mythfrontend grow. If I play a recording from the 
PVR 150 mythfrontend memory usage stays static.

Hardware is diskless EPIA SP1300, 1GB ram running frontend and backend with 
aforementioned DVB-T USB stick and PVR 150 plugged in. Myth is 
0.19-fixes-branch. OS is Gentoo with epiOS overlay.


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