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Steven Adeff adeffs.mythtv at gmail.com
Thu Aug 31 19:50:58 UTC 2006

On 8/31/06, Brad DerManouelian <myth at dermanouelian.com> wrote:
> On Aug 31, 2006, at 8:56 AM, Steven Adeff wrote:
> > sighted humans have become infactuated with their visual sense
> > forgetting that our auditory sense is as sensitive if not more so.
> Definitely more. I've read that sense of smell retains the most
> memory. When do we get smellovision?

yea, but smell also is much worse at definition. I smell things all
the time I can't quite pick out. I don't have that problem to as great
of an extent with sound or vision.

> Funny. I never would have considered a 1080p display if I didn't have
> a great receiver and surround-sound to back it up.

thats what held a lot of people from purchasing DVD players early on... =D

> Without guessing your age, I bet it's still a great sounding system.
> Oh.. and I don't consider having $10k to spend on ANYTHING
> "starving". :)

oh it is, and I wouldn't necesarily say I starved, but I have been
known to divert food funds to buy CD's...

> > As for compressed audio, you have to realize that this is again, all
> > about convenience. Most people don't truely listen to music. They hear
> > music, and they enjoy hearing music, but the concept of listening to
> > music is lost on many. For them the quality must only meet a certain
> > level of performance after which comfort and convenience rule. This
> > means lossy compressed audio and the portable music player. What I
> > personally find amazing is that the iPod is the only player capable of
> > playing AAC, which I find to be the best of the lossy compressed audio
> > formats right now, and the only reason I haven't even bothered looking
> > at other players. Of course, I also encode at the "Audiophile"
> > setting, so I only let convenience slightly win out over audio
> > quality... I also keep a FLAC encoded version of my CD's on my Music
> > drive for listening at home. I just wish I could do similar with my
> > SACD/DVDA discs so I didn't have to worry about scratching them...
> > Which is really the problem with music mediums, the good ones can all
> > be damaged.
> I've resigned myself to the fact that the masses are easy to accept
> severely impaired quality if it means fast and cheap. I just hate to
> see a project that has taken years in a studio reduced to a 1MB mp3
> on someone's cell phone. I do have an iPod and listen to it in the
> car since you can't really tell the difference between 256k MP3 and a
> CD over the ambient noise in the car, anyway.

Like mentioned earlier, the American concept of food is skewed the
same. Fake sugar? Fake butter? Right, like hundreds of years of human
consumption of sugar and butter didn't make us fat until 20 years

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