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On 8/31/06, Aaron Howard <archanoid at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 8/31/06, Steven Adeff <adeffs.mythtv at gmail.com> wrote:
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> > Most people don't truely listen to music. They hear music, and they
> > enjoy hearing music, but the concept of listening to music is lost on
> > many. For them the quality must only meet a certain level of
> > performance after which comfort and convenience rule.
> Veering OT, but the problem I have w/ spending on higher end audio
> equipment (and, imho, the reason people hear but don't listen to
> music) is because the bigger problem is extraneous noise.  It astounds
> me the money some people spend on their car stereos and now they're
> touting HD-radio; but, how is it going to sound so much better over
> the ridiculous dB levels of road noise in my car?  Frankly, I like to
> drive w/ my windows down and sun-roof open...and will likely just go
> back to a convertible on my next car.  No matter the fidelity of my
> stereo, it won't sound very good with a Harley or a semi driving past
> me on the freeway.
> As for home audio, it seems to me it still takes a lot of effort and
> money just to get an ideal listening environment, and then you have to
> spend on the actual audio gear itself.
> I'm presently building one of those "theatres" you mentioned in my
> basement and am concerned that even taking measures to "sound proof"
> the room, I'll still be annoyed when the furnace kicks on in the next
> room over.
> Controlling the lighting in an environment such as a home theater is a
> lot easier than controlling the sound.  Light won't travel through
> walls.

I live right off the Green line T here in Boston, and man does the
horn on it annoy me when I'm trying to listen to "The Planets" on

Yes, audio does have a greater impact from extraneous sources of
"noise". But this only affects one aspect of listening, the fact that
even with those horns I can hear sounds that "Best Buy" systems can't,
with better tone and naturalness doesn't get affected. This alone
makes such systems worth it. I'll never get the perfect listening
environment, but I'm not battling constant noise, the occasional, or
low volume sounds of the world are not going to make a huge impact,
and I'd rather spend money on better quality components than lowering
those noises another 1db.

Similarly, its like how no TV comes from the factory properly tuned,
which is where ISF and similar technicians come in, they go to your
house and tune your TV to the best it can be. Not many people do this
though, and most think turning the sharpness, contrast and brightness
up to 3/4 max makes the picture look better.

They make some excellent fire retardant sound insulation you could
line the furnace room with. It makes a great sound and fire barrier.

As for car stereo's... How about the fact that car's can't carry
frequencies longer than the cabin, yet people insist on installing 12"
subwoofers.... But again, your mixing volume with fidelity. One can
spend lots of money on volume or on fidelity, I prefer fidelity, I
only need enough volume to overcome most of the outside noise, and
people are not listening to music while they drive, so they don't need
anything amazing in a car, which is why most go for volume at the
expense of fidelity. (though some go for both, and they enter shows
and contests and win prizes, but thats a whole other area...)

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