[mythtv-users] pauses when browsing recorded programs

Steven Adeff adeffs.mythtv at gmail.com
Thu Aug 31 16:09:05 UTC 2006

On 8/31/06, mtrax11 <mylists at wilsononline.id.au> wrote:
> Michael T. Dean wrote:
> >
> > On 08/31/06 00:18, mtrax11 wrote:
> >
> >>I've noticed when I'm scrolling through the recorded program lists it
> pauses
> >>(with some disk activity) when I reach programs with multiple eposides or
> >>possibly just on some other unknown situation
> >>Is this because the recorded program lists is continually reloading these,
> >>can it be cached and updated or refreshed more efficency to smooth out the
> >>browsing /scrolling through entries?
> >>
> >
> > The pauses you get sound like those from generating preview thumbnail
> > images (pixmaps).
> >
> > I don't remember when the code for this went in (so it could exist in
> > 0.19), but in 0.20, the preview pixmaps are generated before they're
> > required (or in the background, when one needs re-created), so you don't
> > have "pauses" in the list.  If that code went in before 0.19 and you're
> > using 0.19 (or 0.19-fixes), that's not the issue.  If it didn't go in
> > before 0.19, it will be fixed by 0.20 (soon).  :)
> >
> I'm using the latest atrpm which  should be generated from the 0.19-fixes..
> so hopefully its in the 0.20 which as you say should improve things..
> Thanks for the update.
> Paul

I don't believe it ever made it into 0.19-fixes, but 0.20 definitely
has it, and boy is it a releif! 0.20 is really awesome btw. Some great
improvements to the the user experience.

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