[mythtv-users] tv_grab_au: can't get rex-1.2.4 to work.

Robert McRostie robertmc at laservision.com.au
Thu Aug 31 01:36:08 UTC 2006

Hello All,
	Having a look at what they have done with the program times in the detail pages, it is pretty easy to get around. All they have done is to encode the times as either hex, decimal or ASCII codes. And added the copyright link. (Which is a waste of good bandwidth!) It would not have taken long at all to do and Perl should have no issues in sorting this out.
	I was under the impression that the lawsuit against IceTV was dropped. It seemed to be a tactic from a certain TV station to disrupt IceTV listing on the stock exchange. Which it did. It also gave a large amount of media coverage and boosted there sales. So it was a doubled edged sword.

	I think the argument about the ads being zapped is a little weak as when I have ever used this feature in myth it works during the middle of the program but close to the end of the show it gets all confused and runs the ads and skips the show. Duh... But there are also many ways for the TV stations to upset any of the ad skipping methods.

	The ones thing that the TV stations are missing is that with any pvr system people will watch more TV because it is so much more convenient than the old vcr system to record the shows they want to watch and then watch them later. It is so similar to the mp3's and the music industry and how they missed the boat and now are paying dearly for that mistake. The TV stations have the ability to be at the for front of any new technology but are insisting on keeping everyone in the stone age. WAKE UP! Just remember that without viewer numbers the advertisers will not pay for the ad slots. So the TV stations are only looking after one side of the coin.

	Sorry, I will get off the soap box now. But gees I feel better I got that off my chest.

BTW how many people are using the rex grabber? Are we talking 100, 1000 or 10000 ish ???


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