[mythtv-users] Getting All Channels with Rogers Digital Cable

Claude Boucher mythtv.user at gmail.com
Wed Aug 30 13:45:39 UTC 2006

Taylan Pince a écrit :

I encountered the same problem when I first set up my Myth system 18 
months ago. As the previous posters said, the idea is to connect your 
Scientific Atlanta (that's what Rogers is using, right?) set-top box to 
your PVR350 to record the digital channels. The channel changing 
operations can be done with an IR Blaster connected to the serial port 
of your Myth backend.

While you're at it, you might also want to consider buying a second 
capture card (such as a PVR150/PVR500) to record the 30 or so analog 
channels (CBC, CTV, Global, CITY, TVO, the US networks...). The system 
is flexible enough so you can asign priorities to channels in order to 
record them on "classic" cable instead of "wasting" recording time on 
your digital cable input. This way, you'll be able to record Peter 
Mansbridge on one tuner while taping  some show/movie on a digital-only 

> Hello,
> After two nights of preparations, I finally have my MythTV box  
> running on FC4 happily... more or less!
> The problem seems to be with my cable provider, but I just wanted to  
> get some advice before trying anything else. I have the full TV  
> package from Rogers Digital Cable in Toronto, Canada. When I run the  
> cable connection directly to my PVR-350's tuner input, I only seem to  
> be able to see the first 30 channels or so (the basic package) on  
> MythTV. The rest of the channels only show static.
> I can of course run the cable through the Rogers Digital Receiver and  
> fix MythTV on one channel (3). Then I can see all the channels by   
> using the receiver, but that beats the whole purpose of setting up a  
> MythTV box.
> I found some information on the wiki about the channels.conf file and  
> the QAM cable layout, but I have no idea where the channels.conf file  
> is located. So I couldn't try this yet, not sure if it'll help:

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