[mythtv-users] tv_grab_au (rex): some channels missing

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Wed Aug 30 13:04:50 UTC 2006

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Max Barry wrote:
> YourTV has indeed just fscked with the data, which makes this an even
> better idea. However, can we stop perpetuating the myth that web
> scrapers are illegal? Just because a web page says "You must stand on
> one foot and touch your nose if you wish to use this data" does not mean
> you can be arrested for failing to do so.

Arrested, no.  Sued, yes.

You should read the reader comments on
- - it's a good summary of the story so far.

It's written by Alan Isherwood, who's been with the OzTivo project a long
time.  I won't reiterate the points, but in a separate talk at Linux
Conference Australia 2005, Warren Toomey (the man behind OzTivo and the
tvguide.org.au database and other things) mentioned that they had been
threatened with lawsuits if they continued to scrape the data.  Because,
according to the Telstra case, they do actually own the copyright on it
(according to the current laws in Australia).  Their cease-and-desist letter
is at http://minnie.tuhs.org/pipermail/oztivo/2004-June/014567.html

So maybe you need to get your criminal and your civil law sorted out.  Copying
copyrighted stuff is illegal, although it's not a felony.  Yet.  The way the
'Free' Trade Agreement is shaping up with respect to intellectual property
laws, if they pass in their current form you would be arrested for
circumventing a technological protection measure on copyrighted data and you
may very well go to prison.

Another reason to look at http://www.linux.org.au/law

Have fun,

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