[mythtv-users] USA Satellites KU-BAND

Christopher Hoffman fuzz19881 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 29 22:25:18 UTC 2006

Hello, I've recently purchased a DVB-S card 'Technisat
SkyStar2'. I've loaded the proper modules and got
everything working.

i've used dvbscan and i've noticed dvbscan doesn't by
any defaults support KU-BAND Lnbs. So I used the
option '-l' and used the LOF of 10750. so:

scan -l 10750 transponders

It successfully found all of the channels. Then when I
goto try dvbtune it says that it is using a L-band
dvbtune doesn't have a '-l' option such as dvbscan
does. So then i thought to myself do i even need to
worry about that because i remember seeing a LOF input
in mythtv-setup. 

I booted up mythtv-setup installed my new card and
then put 
LNB LOF LOW: 10750000

i put 0 because i dont have a multi band lnb. Then i
went to channel scan. I did 
Scan type: Import channels.conf
then it loaded all of the channels, everything
appeared to be working nicely. I was quite wrong.

I close mythtv-setup, save changes then go launch
mythbackend then start mythtv and i get the error in
the backend:
2006-08-29 17:06:46.949 DVB#0 WARNING - Your frequency
setting (100000) is out of range.

When i start backend i also get the error:
2006-08-29 17:13:57.406 DiSEqC(0) Error: Setting Tone
mode failed.
                        eno: Connection timed out
2006-08-29 17:13:57.406 DVB#0 ERROR -
DVBChannel::Tune: Failed to transmit DisEq commands

this is the channels.conf i am using:

By default it goes to KUWF, but it dont get any
signal, i only get about 40%. But if i do szap with
the -l option i can get a signal of over 80%.

Any idea on what I should do? 

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