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Fri Aug 25 14:39:41 UTC 2006

accept, which is indicated by the notches in the connection edge. See this
for more on that: 

The disappointing part is that the PVR-150 and PVR-500 have the same notches
(2 notches, 3.3V), and yet the PVR-150 design seems to be flawed in some
critical way. I don't have a PVR-250 to comment on.


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On 8/29/06, darth vader < at> wrote:
> Ok, I know this "should" work, but I am wondering if anyone can give 
> me a definite yes or no.
> The "new" backend is a TYAN Thunder i7500.  As this is a server board 
> it uses PCI-X.  The Hauppauge card is PCI.
>  I know you can put PCI cards into PCI-X slots if they are PCI 2.? or 
> higher.  Anyone know for sure what PCI standard the 500's adhere too?  
> Can I use them in this board?  Thanks.
I have a pvr250 in a TYAN thunder k7 (with PCI-X slots) and a PVR 500 in a
Thunder K8W (S2885) with pci-x slots too. Currently I know the pvr 500 is in
the only pci slot on the board and I am not sure what slot the pvr250 is as
this is an older board. If you want (when I get
home) it would take me 10 minutes to put the pvr 500 in a pci-x slot and
post the results.

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