[mythtv-users] ir blaster and changing channels

Timothy Braje tbraje at myvest.com
Mon Aug 28 16:24:09 UTC 2006

Michael T. Dean wrote:
> On 08/24/2006 02:49 PM, Timothy Braje wrote:
>>> Are you sure you do not have any old video sources (and associated
>>> channels) in the database that may be interfering with the normal
>>> operation of MythTV?
>> Well, the only video sources that come up in mythtv-setup are the three 
>>from the V4L drivers.  My old DVB source is not listed.  Perhaps I could 
>> check the DB for this?  Interestingly enough, I have noticed that when I 
>> exit mythtv-setup, it complains that something is set to an invalid 
>> channel (one of my old HDTV channels), but that is not the case for the 
>> video sources I can see.  Perhaps I should delete and rebuild my sources.
> Three sources?  What 3 sources.  I think Nick's got the right idea...a 
> misconfiguration of video sources and/or card inputs.
Thanks for all the suggestions.  The three sources I am referring to are 
not video sources, they are the input connections, one for television, 
svideo, and something else.

 From all the suggestions, I decided to delete all video sources and 
recreate the one for my card.  Before this, I was getting an error when 
exiting the mythtv-setup program that a channel was set to something 
that didn't exist, even though my old DVB video source was not there 
anymore.  That has gone away.  Obviously, there was extraneous stuff in 
the db.  Unfortunately, this hasn't fixed my channel changing problems. 
  I am unable to play with the system until later this week, but I guess 
I will just try to delete *everything* and start over.  Maybe that will 
fix it.


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