[mythtv-users] Frontend sometimes reports MPEG2 errors (DVB-C)

Thomas Börkel thomas at boerkel.de
Mon Aug 28 10:51:49 UTC 2006


Paul Andreassen wrote:

>> During playing, mythfrontend occassionally prints MPEG2 error messages
>> in the console. These usually do not result in visible glitches (only 1
>> time so far).
>> Examples:
>> [mpeg2video @ 0xb74247e4]ac-tex damaged at 0 14
>> [mpeg2video @ 0xb74247e4]skipped MB in I frame at 2 20
>> [mpeg2video @ 0xb74247e4]invalid mb type in I Frame at 0 14

These only appear when jumping through the recording, not when playing. 
They also appear in the backend log, when it is commflagging.

> I noticed you reporting problems with mythcommflag and mythtranscode on the 
> dev list.  My guess is you aren't getting enough signal (possibly but 
> unlikely, too much signal) and that is causing software playback problems.  
> When the software libraries get too confused they will cause mythcommflag, 
> mythtranscode and mythfrontend to exit.

In the meantime, I found out that my recordings are OK. I have ber of 
0-10 and unc of 0. ProjectX does not find errors in the files.

Since ffplay prints the same error messages when jumping, I guess it's 
an ffmpeg problem with MPEG-TS recordings.

A friend of mine with DVB-S sees the same thing.


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