[mythtv-users] FYI: PVR-150 on sale at Futureshop in Toronto area

Scott Alfter mythtv at salfter.dyndns.org
Mon Aug 28 05:19:22 UTC 2006

email.listen at googlemail.com wrote:
> Am Sat, 26. August 2006 21:24 schrieb Tom Lichti:
>>They are on for $99, with no rebate, in the GTA area (well, Brampton
>>anyway), maybe other areas but I can't verify that.
> Wow, interesting to see how much I've saved last week. ;-)
> Hhhm, may be it will be cheaper to order several cards from oversea, e.g. as 
> an aggregated order to reduce shipping costs:
> http://www.reichelt.de/index.html?SID=18NndpcKwQARMAAFWF8Wka5a13cd2ef9a531bde22f71d0e532c36;LASTACTION=3;SORT=artikel.artnr;WG=0;SUCHE=pvr-150;ARTIKEL=WINTV%20PVR-150;START=0;END=16;FAQSEARCH=PCI%20Karte%20PVR%20Hardware%20MPEG;FAQTHEME=-1;FAQSEARCHTYPE=0;STATIC=0;FC=668;PROVID=0;TITEL=0;ARTIKELID=64392;FAQAUTO=1;ACTION=3;GRUPPE=E83
> or http://www.reichelt.de/ search for pvr-150
> 63.50€ for germany; plus costs for oversea shipping
> 73.95€ for a PVR-150LP, low profile no remote controll

Keep in mind that a PVR-150 sold in North America (the US and Canada, at 
least...don't know about Mexico) will have an NTSC tuner, while a PVR-150 sold 
in Europe will have a PAL tuner.  If you only intend to use the composite or 
S-video input (with a cable box or satellite receiver serving as the tuner), it 
doesn't matter which card you buy...the rest of the capture hardware on the 
board is multisystem-capable.  (I've used a multisystem VCR and an Avermedia 
M179 bought off the shelf at Fry's to capture PAL videocassettes so I could 
convert them to NTSC and burn them to DVD.)  If you intend to record broadcast 
TV or plug directly into the local cable-TV system, though, you need whichever 
card type is appropriate for your location.  An NTSC tuner won't pick up PAL 
broadcasts, and vice versa.

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