[mythtv-users] Videocast and Podcast browthing... on MythTV???

Nick Rout nick at rout.co.nz
Mon Aug 28 00:42:22 UTC 2006

On Mon, 28 Aug 2006 08:38:11 +0900
David Bennett wrote:

> Nick,
>  looks good. as for the mythtv integration, I am assuming that at that
> point we use mythvideo to view the files?
> thanks
> david

I think that would be the story, get bashpodder to put them in the
videos directory, and next time you browse it, there they will be.

If you wanted to be flash you could do some sql-foo to add something to
the videos database, but I always browse my videos files anyway. 

Changing the filenames to something meaningful might help, some podcast
things I have downloaded have completely unintuitive names.

Please note that by default bashpodder creates a sub-directory in the
current directory and names it using "date", then puts all todays files
in that directory - you may want to change that. Its such a simple
script you should be able to work something out.

Also from memory bashpodder uses some sort log file to record what it
has downloaded, I don't think changing filenames will affect that.

It also makes an m3u playlist by simply ls'ing its download directory to
a file podcast.m3u

As you can see by the script, the only non obvious part is the use of
xsltproc to parse the file url out of the rss file in some cases.

What would be good now would be determining if the file is in fact a
.torrent and then downloading the payload...

Nick Rout <nick at rout.co.nz>

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