[mythtv-users] Myth fails to account for my widescreen display (i.e. no black bars)

Nick knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Sun Aug 27 23:06:02 UTC 2006

On 27/08/06, Dylan Semler <dylan.semler at gmail.com> wrote:
> When watching 4:3 content (liveTV or videos via MythVideo), on my widescreen
> laptop, myth stretches them to take up the whole screen.  The "aspect ratio"
> setting is left un-changed and cycling through the options with 'W' does not
> provide a solution with black bars on the side and the proper 4:3 ratio.
> The mythvideo player command is set to:
> mplayer -fs -zoom -quiet -vo xv %s
> Running this command on the same video from the terminal plays the file in
> the proper aspect ratio of 4:3 so Myth must be doing something weird.
> I find it hard to imagine that this hasn't come up with anyone else though
> but I am running SVN from about a week ago.

w.r.t. MythTV, have you got DisplaySize set correctly in your
xorg.conf file? See here for more details:


Not sure why mplayer would act differently outside of MythTV though -
isn't it just being called from the MythVideo interface?


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