[mythtv-users] Slow DB with large Previous Recordings

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Sun Aug 27 23:04:16 UTC 2006

Ben Curtis wrote:
> So I've been running Myth for many a year now, and recorded about a
> billion shows.  I like the idea that re-runs never get recorded, but I've
> noticed that the more I've recorded, the slower the database responds to
> things like pulling up a guide, etc.  Every time I put together a system
> for friends, I'm amazed at how fast it is compared to mine, especially
> when it's on systems half the speed (I'm running an Intel 3ghz P4).
> Are they any "optimizations" I can make to mysql to help speed it along?

This is what the "Previously Recorded" page is for. This page
shows the contents and status for all the entries in 'oldrecorded'
"1" sorts by time, "2" sorts by title. Pressing SELECT on any
item shows a dialog that allows you to remove this one item or
all episodes for this title (also, "D" from the list will instantly
delete the highlighted item).

Go to the page and press "2" then for each series that you won't
record ever again, choose the delete all button. News, SportsCenter,
Manual Records can all be blown away because they will never be
repeat episodes. The only things you need to keep are series that
you still record and movies or shows that will match your search
rules. You should be able to cut this down by 80% - 90% in a matter
of minutes to shrink it from a billion to a couple hundred million.

You can also see these from the recording options pages. Schedule
Information->Previously scheduled episodes will show the entries
for just the title or record rule. When a series ends I usually go
to this page, blow away it's entries then remove the rule.

--  bjm

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