[mythtv-users] Some GeForce questions

Mercury Morris mercury.morris at gmail.com
Sat Aug 26 20:22:04 UTC 2006

On 8/26/06, Torbjørn Heltne <torbjorn.heltne at amelektronikk.no> wrote:
> It is very popular to recommend VGA adapters based on GeForce FX 5200. I guess it is a safe choice, but I have problems finding one with PCIe interface.
> Are there any pitfalls or weaknesses with the "higher numbered" GPUs, like the 6xxx and 7xxx family?
> What about this TurboCache thing, does that make any difference in a frontend?
> What about the amount of VGA memory?

I have had good luck with the following two PCIe cards:



 ASUS EN6600GT/TD/128M/A

The S-Video outputs of both these cards are displayed on a ten-year-old
61-inch Sony Rear Projection TV.  In the xorg.conf file, the Subsection
"Display" has the line

 Modes "1024x768"

and the picture quality is quite good, especially for HDTV programs.
It's not excellent, as it would be if the TV set were a brand new HDTV
model, but compared to the native Sony 61-inch picture, it's "quite good".

Sorry, but I have no knowledge of TurboCache or VGA memory.


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