[mythtv-users] Removing the skiplist

Zach White zwhite-mythtv at darkstar.frop.org
Sat Aug 26 03:15:30 UTC 2006

My question in short: how do I remove the skiplist from a recording without
using the frontend?

For more details on my situation, keep reading.

I'm running svn revision 10665, and using my script to automatically 
commflag and transcode recordings to remove commercials from the file. This
is so when I play videos using MythWeb to stream them I don't have to
FF through the commercials. The script I'm using can be found in the wiki:


The problem comes in when I play videos through the frontend. It seems that
if you run mythtranscode outside of mythtv it doesn't remove the skiplist
or the cutlist after transcoding. I can use mythcommflag --removecutlist
to remove the cutlist from the recording, but there's not a similar option
to remove the skiplist.


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