[mythtv-users] PVR-500 "command" problem

Thomas Kotter tom.kotter at gmail.com
Fri Aug 25 22:11:34 UTC 2006

I've noticed other people have had a problem getting the second tuner on 
their PVR-500 working at all. I'm talking about getting errors like:

ivtv0: i2c addr 0x44 not found for command 0x4008646f!
ivtv0: i2c hardware 0x00000001 not found for command 0x4008646d!

whenever the device is accessed/initialized. Has anyone managed to fix 
it? I couldn't find any posts. Anyone have a completely working PVR-500 
who wants to compare setup? I'm running gentoo with kernel 2.6.17-r4 and 
ivtv 0.7.0 on a 2001 Dell with an early P4 (ie, it takes RDRAM). A 
truncated lsmod (removed snd_* modules):

Module                  Size  Used by
wm8775                  5132  0
cx25840                24208  0
tda9887                15888  0
tuner                  53164  0
v4l2_common            14336  1 tuner
ivtv                  189200  0
v4l1_compat            13444  1 ivtv
tveeprom               13968  1 ivtv
videodev                7296  1 ivtv
nvidia               3924876  12

I won't fill the email with kernel configs quite yet, but looking at the 
dmesg warning, could it be a i2c driver issue? I have no idea if that's 
setup correctly in my kernel.


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