[mythtv-users] stutter while recording two programs at once

Brad DerManouelian myth at dermanouelian.com
Fri Aug 25 20:38:37 UTC 2006

I've got an AMD64 box with a SATA II drive formatted as JFS dedicated  
to recorded programs. music, photo, videos are on a separate SATA  
drive and the system runs from a PATA drive - all are 7200 RPM with  
8MB buffers.

I've got a PVR-350 and an HD-5500 card in the box which is also my  
frontend. I'm getting weird stuttering when recording on both tuners  
at the same time. The HD stream looks perfect but the stream from the  
PVR-350 will show a single frame from about a second before the  
current position. It happens intermittently but often enough to be  
REALLY annoying. I've found that it's in the recording this way since  
the rogue frames happen at the same place when I play back every  
time. I have a feeling it MIGHT only be happening when watching a  
program and recording two others at the same time. I had anticipated  
3GB/sec on the SATAII drive would be enough bandwidth to watch 1,  
record 2. Is this not the case? Is there a good way to test? Do I  
finally need to submit and start transcoding every program I watch  
and deal with sub-par quality?



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