[mythtv-users] New install - Backend, multiple frontends - re ccomendations

Jim Moseby JMoseby at nrbindustries.com
Fri Aug 25 16:26:27 UTC 2006

> That server should be plenty.  A terabyte of space should be 
> good too.  
>   It depends on how much you record.  Though if you have 6 tuner  
> cards, you must be planing on alot.  

I am thinking 6 tuners because we have 4 bedrooms, plus I like
picture-in-picture capability, plus any scheduled recording tasks.  I want
to rip my entire DVD collection to disk, and all my CDs and MP3s into the
music library, and all my digital photos into the gallery,  etc.  So I will
need a lot of storage.

> I would carry gig to all desktops.  Not much extra expense 
> these days if any.

I could do that by simply replacing the switch, but it opens the opportunity
for a single desktop to saturate the network.  If 100M to the desktops will
do, its a safer way to go.  That way, they can only run the network up to
10% utilization.

> Also, deiskless is alot of extra effort.  Again, small 
> harddrives are  
> cheap and you can install many and use with just  a frontend with  
> minimal effort.
> Diskless takes some effort and will cause problems/confusion on setup.

You're right, it is some extra effort and added complexity, but I need to
keep the frontends silent if possible.  I am comfortable setting up diskless
workstations, so I don't think this will be a factor.

Thanks for your response.


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