[mythtv-users] AMD64 and the PVR-350 firmware

valerio.mariani at hispeed.ch valerio.mariani at hispeed.ch
Fri Aug 25 07:53:57 UTC 2006


I suggest that you ask the same question on the ivtv-users mailing list. I have an AMD64 3000+ and using kernel 2.6.16 and driver 0.63 it works fine for me (PVR 350). However you have to turn off the ccpu frequency throttling daemon (cpuspeed on fedora, powersave in Suse, etc.) otherwise you might incurr in some DMA errors (check the ivtv/users ML archive, this type of errors are being discussed in these very days, and it seems that today the driver developer has found a solution to the problem). With kernel 2.6.17 and driver 0.7 I still have problems (I can only watch tv once before having to rmmod and modprobe again the driver)!


>Hey everyone.  I was just wondering whether or not the ivtv drivers will
>work with my PVR-350 under a native 64-bit environment.  The reason I
>ask is that I know you can't mix 64-bit and 32-bit libraries and
>executables.  I'm not sure where that leaves the pre-compiled
>proprietary firmware for the card...  I hope it'll work :)
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