[mythtv-users] Toggling TV-Out with a Gamepad

Jeff Wormsley daworm at comcast.net
Thu Aug 24 21:40:57 UTC 2006

Kevin Kuphal wrote:
> I think this almost has to be done with an outside program listening for 
> events.  Myth is only concerned with events for itself.  I use the 
> features of my window manager to handle keyboard presses for things like 
> resetting the frontend.  I think something analogous to ir-exec for the 
> joystick is what you're looking for.

I think gizmod could be useful, if a bit of overkill.  I use it with my 
Griffin Powermate to set volume, and I know it has joystick/gamepad 
support too.  Eventually I'll set up my VFD buttons with it too.



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