[mythtv-users] ir blaster and changing channels

Timothy Braje tbraje at myvest.com
Thu Aug 24 18:06:00 UTC 2006

William Munson wrote:
> Timothy Braje wrote:
>> Does IR/Blaster LiveTV channel changing work for anyone?  I have checked 
>> my configuration.  I have included logging in the channel change script. 
>>   It is clear that the channel change script is not being called while I 
>> am within LiveTV.
>> Thanks,
> It works for me. Both live tv and scheduled recordings. If course I am 
> not using lirc to control the blaster. I have a pair of MyBlaster 
> commercial devices which  use a perl script for control.
> _______________________________________________

That is interesting.  That means that at least your script is being 
called.  Mine is not.  I am using the V4L drivers with a pc3000 card 
(yeah, I know, it is overkill, but I just moved from Portland, OR where 
I was able to get OTA HD channels, and am now in a place where I get 
none).  Is there some configuration I need to do on the front end?  I am 
using 0.19-fixes from about 6 weeks ago.


Tim Braje

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