[mythtv-users] network boot / boot speed (WAS: Re: diskless Mythtv USB)

gLaNDix (Jesse Kaufman) glandix at lloydnet.org
Thu Aug 24 15:05:28 UTC 2006

Tim Phipps wrote:
> My current setup is the opposite that you're planning but it might give you 
> some ideas.

yeah, sounds almost exactly opposite :) ... it does help with ideas, 
though, thanks!

> The desktop machine boots via PXE and shares the 
> servers root disk (exported read-only). I've had to change a few files to be 
> symlinks to a private directory for each machine so that each machine can 
> have a different configuration. The server boots to runlevel 2, the client 
> boots to runlevel 3 which also helps in running different things on each 
> machine.

is it possible to essentially have a second install of, say, FC5 on the 
same machine so that each computer (frontend and backend) has a separate 
  root file system?  so they are completely separate installs w/o 
sharing any files (other than the myth media files, of course)

> If you can don't use a wireless link.

yeah, i've already got Cat5e run from the upstairs to my wiring closet 
in the basement, so i'm set as far as wired network goes :)

> The system is very responsive since nothing ever 
> gets paged out and it's silent (not even a case fan). Once the system is 
> running there is about 150MBytes free RAM which is plenty for streaming video 
> from the server.

yeah, i'm half tempted to drop my case fan, since it's the loudest fan 
in the case (why oh why did silverstone think that an HTPC case should 
have a 60mm fan?!) ... i need to do some benchmarks on temps and see 
what kind of effect it has on it ... i have a zalman GPU cooler on my 
nVidia 6600GT AGP (2nd loudest fan) and a zalman CPU cooler (3rd loudest 
fan) ... my XClio PSU has a 120mm fan, but even with all the other fans 
off, i can't hear it with my head mere inches of the PSU ... wish i 
could've gotten a fanless cooler for my nVidia, but the one i wanted was 
out of stock everywhere i looked! :(

> Anyway, the point is with 512MB RAM you can get a frontend entirely in RAM, 
> switch off the local disk and access your media over NFS. If you can 
> underclock that processor you might be able to have a very quiet yet 
> responsive frontend.

not sure about the under/overclocking capabilities of this setup ... 
it's only about a month old (upgraded from a P4 1.6GHz to the Athlon64 
3400+) ... it's definitely nice to no longer have jittery video even 
when cranking recording bitrates up from 2200 to 6000! :) ... upgraded 
my backend from a 1.2GHz Duron (iirc) to the same mobo/cpu as my 
frontend at the same time ... mythtv is so much more usable now! :)

thanks for the info!


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