[mythtv-users] Recording Reruns

chris at cpr.homelinux.net chris at cpr.homelinux.net
Wed Aug 23 19:32:06 UTC 2006

On Wed, Aug 23, 2006 at 03:01:50PM -0400, Rob Dege wrote:
> Thanks for the responses.  So if I understand everyone correctly, if I want to
> have myth check for the re-run flag, I need to create a custom record rule that
> will check if program.previouslyshown=1, correct?  Just curious, but why does
> myth check against title description instead of the rerun flag?

Because "rerun" has a specific meaning that's different from "I've 
seen this before".  From the network's perspective, a rerun is any 
show that is rebroadcast outside of the normal current-season 
schedule.  MythTV checks the title/subtitle/description to find out 
if it's previously recorded that episode.  If you use a custom rule 
to disable reruns then you will ONLY get the current season 
episodes and the others will be ignored.  If you use duplicate 
detection then you will get the current season PLUS any epsiodes 
from past seasons that are in syndication and have never been 

> Also, there's an entry in myth web called "Record New and Expire Old".  Does
> that have any relation to this topic?

No.  That flag is used during auto-expire processing if you limit 
the number of recordings a specific rule is allowed to match.  If 
that flag is not set then when Myth reaches the episode limit it 
simply stops recording.  If that flag is set then Myth deletes the 
oldest recording in that group to make room for the new one so that 
the "Watch Recordings" list always has only the most recent 

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