[mythtv-users] Clean Shutdown from Frontend??

Dave Ansell dave at theansells.com
Wed Aug 23 17:57:29 UTC 2006

Thanks for that.

I wasnt familiar with the workings of sudo, so I have learnt something new!

The poweroff command also seems to work out-of-the-box as it were.  Not sure 
why users are stopped by default from using shutdown but not poweroff. 
Still thats not my problem.

cheers for the help,

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> This might help from a "how to" I can't take credit....
> To allow the mythtv user to shutdown your Xbox, he needs to be granted
> priviliges to do so. Login
> to your Xbox, and edit /etc/sudoers. Simply add this line:
> mythtv ALL=NOPASSWD:/sbin/shutdown
> You should now edit the shutdown command in mythtv-frontend to
> sudo /sbin/shutdown -h now


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