[mythtv-users] Fedora card detection order

Allen J. Newton anewton at alturia.fleet.org
Wed Aug 23 17:07:32 UTC 2006

Previously I wrote:
> Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 10:59:23 -0600
> Subject: Re: Fedora card detection order

> The script is called setVideoDevs and should be installed into /etc/init.d/
> and is chkconfig-compliant and set to launch before lircd and mythbackend.

I should also point out that, in addition to being a kludge, the version I
posted has the lirc portion commented out because, on that particular backend,
it only had one IR port, so no futzing with /dev/lirc was needed.

On another backend, I had a PVR-350 and a WinTV card, both of which had IR
ports, and the eye was connected to the 350.

It's also a work in progress, but definitely fixes the /dev/video and
/dev/radio problem for me.

I wrote this the day after having spent the previous entire day trying to fix
the problem the "right" way and not quite figuring it out.

Allen J. Newton  (anewton at alturia.fleet.org)

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