[mythtv-users] using hauppauge pvr-x50 + pcHDTV3000

Allen J. Newton anewton at alturia.fleet.org
Wed Aug 23 16:16:34 UTC 2006

Brad Fuller wrote:
> Subject: Re: using hauppauge pvr-x50 + pcHDTV3000
> my pcHDTV3000 works absolutely fine for QAM256

Along the topic of this thread, I've been pulling out my hair for 4 days, now,
trying to get my pcHDTV3000 to work with MythTV.

My system is running Fedora Core 5 with MythTV 0.19 (obtained from atrpms via
yum) and I have the following cards in it:

Hauppauge Win-TV MJPEG capture card (not configured in MythTV -- I only use it
    for radio and the infrared remote control via lirc).
Hauppauge PVR-500MCE

Presently, I do not have the PVR-500 configured in Mythtv, either, but I know
that it works.  I removed it to try to debug the pcHDTV card.

I have read the MythTV docs, the wilsonet HOWTO and googled many, many
articles and mailing list posting trying to find answers to what I may not
have configured properly, and I'm frankly at my wit's end.

I had the pcHDTV card working fine under FC1 (which I did not have MythTV
installed on, but I was able to tune, scan and record with it).

One article I read pointed out that you have to configure the card as a DVB
device for MythTV instead of as a pcHDTV device, which I've done.  I have also
installed the DVB drivers from pchdtv.com as the most recent instructions
indicated.  I was able to scan for channels using
/usr/share/dvb-apps/atsc/us-ATSC-center-frequencies-8VSB (I am doing
over-the-air, not cable, with this card) using dvbscan and generated what
looks to me to be a valid channels.conf file:

THE TUBE MUSIC NETWORK :551028615:8VSB:65:68:4

(BTW, dvbscan seems to have missed the most important channel to me, KOAT-DT,
so I imagine I'll have to manually add it at some point).

I try to import that into mythtvsetup in Input Sources and it says "Scanning",
but actually doesn't seem to do anything, it's ready to Finish right away.

When I try to Watch TV from mythfrontend, it won't and quits right away.
MythTV just says it failed to switch to Live TV.

After tuning with azap and launching xine and selecting the DVB source, I can
get audio, but not video (but this is not xine-hd, which might be part of that

Does anyone have any hints or clues about what I need to do in order to get
MythTV to use the pcHDTV3000 card to Watch TV or record (it won't record with
it, either)?

Many, many thanks would go to the person or persons who can help me with this.
This is the last thing I need to fix before I can deploy this box and get rid
of that crappy Scientific Atlanta box my cable co is renting me!

Allen J. Newton  (anewton at alturia.fleet.org)

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