[mythtv-users] Beginner Question :On which channel name do I have to schedule ?

datheh erygre smarrt_v at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 23 13:16:42 UTC 2006

 Thank for your detailed information!
 I haven't set up IR Blaster yet and working on it.
 I am following http://www.blushingpenguin.com/mark/blog/?p$
 and succeeded in getting some output when I press keys on my remote and running irw.
 Now I have to make my remote work with myth tv.I stucked up at step 9 of that blog(?)
 Any ideas how to proceed?
 How to get lircrc for my myth tv?
 How to use send_power and change channel script for my Remote?
 Suggest me.
 Thank you.
Nick <knowledgejunkie at gmail.com> wrote: On 22/08/06, datheh erygre  wrote:
> Hellow,
>  I Scanned channels for Composite 0 and while trying to manual schedule and
> record,myth TV recording blank screen only.Live TV is working perfect!
>  So, to which channel number do I have to schedule my programs?
>  I tried on all the scanned Channel numbers ,but nothing given me good
> result.
>  I am using DVB as video source.
>  And PVR 150 card,ivtv version 0.4.4

If you are using a Composite or S-Video direct connection from an
external source, such as a cable box or DVB box, you cannot scan for
channels, as the input is only receiving baseband video (it is not a
'tuneable' source).

To setup MythTV for use with such a setup, you can manually create the
channels you want to be able to record from the composite input, and
then assign either a real channel change script (if using an IR
blaster) or /bin/true as the channel changer if doing the channel
changing manually on the DVB box.

If you are using an IR blaster with your DVB box, you need to ensure
that the freqid field for the channels assigned to the DVB box video
source contain the correct channel numbers (that you normally enter on
the DVB box's remote control) so that the IR blaster can change
channel automatically when it needs to record. This is the method I
use to record from a digital cable box that outputs composite video to
my PVR-150/350 cards, using a serial IR blaster. This method also
allows you to use normal program listings (if available in your

If you are not using an IR blaster, you need to create a single
channel assigned to the DVB box source. You will change channel on the
DVB box manually, and MythTV will record whatever video is being
received. With a single channel, you do not use normal listings, but
you can manually schedule programs and give them appropriate names.


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