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Wed Aug 23 12:56:45 UTC 2006

So, if a person went for the 169time mod on a sat dish receiver box....
Would you simply be able to record all channels in HD though firewire?  
  Sound and all?  I assume that you would need an IR Blaster, but if  
there were no encryption issues and all channels were simply there and  
available via firewire, maybe that $600 would not be so pricey.....

How is firewire support ion Myth?
What kind of hardware would be required to run this?  Fairly  
substantial ( IO wuold be large )  Would the firewire input be  
compressed or uncompressed?  If compresed, then what does the  

I am thinking of doing this if it would be easily do-able.
Anyone else out there using firewire, 169time mod, and myth?


Quoting Disconnect <mythtv at gotontheinter.net>:

> When they passed the firewire law, they were thinking about cable and forgot
> sat.  So your only real option is painfully expensive -
> http://www.169time.com/
> Looks like their 'sale prices' are about $800, plus (usually) the AVX1 for
> $400. (Or get them to upgrade your receiver for $600 plus the AVX1.)  If you
> are fond of hand-soldering to surface mount chips, the DIY kits are $400.
> Reports are that they work great, but ymmv. I've been glaring at that page
> and my bank statement off and on for a while now :)
> On Tue, 22 Aug 2006, James W. Mills did have cause to say:
>> So, here is my question.  What do I need in order for MythTV to capture
>> incoming HD signal from my direcTV tuner?  I see several PCI cards like
>> the HD-5500 that allow OTA capture, but do not specifically say yay or
>> nay to DirecTV.
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