[mythtv-users] Time Stretch and Audio Skipping

Brandon Rogers blrogers at ieee.org
Wed Aug 23 02:00:09 UTC 2006


            I've noticed a quirk in untranscoded HDTV video (MPEG2 from an
pcHDTV 3000 card) that I haven't found a solution.  Whenever I play 1080i
content and try to use the time stretch feature, nothing happens.  The video
stays at 1X.  Coincidentally, the audio gets choppy as I adjust the Time
Stretch (but doesn't change speed).  As I increase the speed, the amount of
audio choppiness also increases.  

            I am using XvMC through an Nvidia 5200 FX card, have a 2.8 GHZ
HT Pentium 4, and am outputting sound to an external amplifier via an
optical out.  During the time-shift and without it, the CPU is reasonably
low and does not change between the two.

            The crazy thing about this is that if I try to time shift
untranscoded video from the same card at a lower resolution, the
timeshifting and the audio is perfect.

            I suppose this could be a weird XVMC quirk (I noticed that the
chroma hack doesn't work for me. still have the black and white OSD), but
not really sure where to start if it is.

            Anyone experience anything similar or have any suggestions for



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